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Fraud Risk Trends
The national Mortgage Fraud Risk Index for 2014 is 100 (n = 100), a 4 percent decrease from last year.
Figure 1 shows the Mortgage Fraud Risk Index for each state, with risk decreasing from left to right. Moving from number five last year, Florida tops this list with a Mortgage Fraud Risk Index of 122. California remains number two with an index of 120, although its risk dropped 15 percent from one year ago. New Jersey jumped from tenth in 2013 to third for 2014 with an index of 118, a gain of 10 percent. Rounding out the top 10 this year are Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Georgia, New York, Nevada, North Carolina and Arizona. The least risky state in 2014 is South Dakota with an index of 43, and Iowa, Mississippi, West Virginia, Nebraska, North Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Missouri and Kentucky follow as the 10 least risky states for 2014.
Figure 1: Mortgage Fraud Risk Index 2014 by State
Figure 2 shows the overall Mortgage Fraud Risk Indices and the type-specific fraud risk indices: Property Valuation, Identity, Occupancy and Employment/Income for the top 10 riskiest states and national level. Property valuation fraud risk is the key contributor to the overall risk for all the top 10 states except for California. In California, occupancy fraud risk is the biggest driver of its elevated state of risk.
Figure 2: Top 10 States and Risk by Fraud Type
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