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The Interthinx Mortgage Fraud Risk Report is an effective tool for the interpretation of data aggregated from original loan submissions to the FraudGUARD system. In combination with data sourced from forensic reviews, industry reports and indices provided by regulators, it empowers proactive credit risk policies to help reduce mortgage lending risk.
About the Interthinx Fraud Risk Indices
The Interthinx Mortgage Fraud Risk Indices are calculated based on the frequency with which indicators of fraudulent activity are detected in mortgage applications processed by the Interthinx FraudGUARD® system, a leading loan-level fraud detection tool available to lenders and investors.
The Interthinx Mortgage Fraud Risk Indices consist of the Mortgage Fraud Risk Index, which measures the overall risk of mortgage fraud, and the Property Valuation, Identity, Occupancy and Employment/Income Indices, which measure the risk of these specific types of fraudulent activity.
The Mortgage Fraud Risk Index considers 40+ indicators of fraudulent activity including property mis-valuation; identity, occupancy and employment/income misrepresentation; non arms-length transactions; property flipping; straw-buyers; "silent seconds"; and concurrent closing schemes. The four type-specific indices are based on the subset of indicators that are relevant to each type of fraudulent activity.
Each index is calibrated so that a value of 100 represents a nominal level of fraud risk, a value calculated from the occurrence of fraudulent indicators between 2003 and 2007 in states with low foreclosure levels. For all five indices, a high value indicates an elevated risk of mortgage fraud and each index is linear to simplify comparison across time and location.
The Interthinx indices are leading indicators based predominantly on the analysis of current loan originations. FBI and FinCEN reports are lagging indicators because they are derived primarily from Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), the majority of which are filed after the loans have closed. The time lag between origination and the SAR report can be several years. For this reason, the Interthinx Fraud Risk Indices' top geographies and type-specific findings may differ from FBI and FinCEN fraud reports.
About the Interthinx Mortgage Fraud Risk Report
The Interthinx Fraud Risk Report represents an in-depth analysis of residential mortgage fraud risk throughout the United States as indicated by the Interthinx Fraud Risk Indices. Published quarterly, as part of the Fraud Risk Report, Interthinx will report on the geographic regions with the highest Mortgage Fraud Risk Index as well as those with the highest Property Valuation, Identity, Occupancy, and Employment/Income Fraud Risk Indices. The Interthinx Fraud Risk Indices track these risks in all States, Metropolitan areas, Counties and county equivalents, and ZIP code throughout the United States. Starting in Q1 2013 all this information is available based on all loans, as well as on purchases only, and refinances only.
About Interthinx
Interthinx®, a subsidiary of First American Financial Corporation (NYSE: FAF), provides essential products and services to mitigate risk in the mortgage lending marketplace. Interthinx offers solutions in mortgage fraud and verification, property valuation, compliance, quality control, loss mitigation and capital planning that are used by the nation's top financial institutions. Interthinx helps its clients minimize risk, increase operational efficiencies, satisfy regulator demands, manage data verification, and remain compliant. For more information, visit www.interthinx.com or call 1-800-333-4510.
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